Nady Intros TRM-6 Tube Ribbon Mic

Nady TRM-6 Tube MicNady Systems has introduced a new Tube Ribbon Microphone, the TRM-6.

By combining the unparalleled sound of a classic ribbon mic with the
natural warmth and musicality of an internal tube preamp, the TRM-6
sets new standards of performance for all ribbon (velocity) microphones.

The Nady TRM-6 features low-tension 45mm long, 2-micron thick
aluminum ribbon design with typical “large, mellow” ribbon audio
reproduction, and smooth, natural extended low and high ends with
detailed realistic mids. Its unique integrated 12AX7A preamp tube
provides unmatched tube audio at levels higher than that of ordinary
ribbon mics, and can be used with all mixer inputs without external

The TRM-6’s versatile design makes it ideal for a variety of vocal
and instrument recording and live sound applications. Its Figure-8
audio directional (pickup) pattern allows both front and rear
recording, with extended sweet spots as compared with large diaphragm
condenser mics. The mic can be used with a second TRM-6 for individual
recording volume control of 2 separate sources by placing each source
in the principal axis of one mic and the off-axis null of the other.
The TRM-6 offers overall stunning realism with fast, accurate transient
response, ultra-high dynamic range and >135 dB SPL capability.

The TRM-6 is supplied complete with a zippered vinyl carrying bag,
spider shockmount, foam windscreen, TMPS-6 power supply, 33′ XLR cable,
and foam padded lockable aluminum flight case.

The new Nady TRM-6 will begin shipping Spring 2006.

More information is available at the Nady site.

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