New Tutorial DVD for Reason Music Software

Reason DVDASK Video Interactive Media has announced their latest tutorial DVD for Propellerhead Reason music software.

In this DVD, Morgan Pottruff (aka Morg), author of the recent Live
tutorial DVD, returns with one of ASK Video’s most ambitious
productions to date. The DVD includes more than 4 hours of instruction
and features 38 ultra-high quality videos, most of which contain audio
examples of Morg’s original music to demonstrate in detail the inner
most workings of Reason.

“If you thought you knew Reason then think again,” states Steve
Kostrey, CEO of ASK Video. “Morg shows you Reason in some incredible
new ways through the extra ‘Tips and Tricks’ sections that really show
off the power under the hood.”

Reason 3.0, a virtual studio rack with musical tools and
instruments, has become one of the most popular virtual instruments for
making music on computers. This DVD guides the user from first
installation through the entire program, including advanced concepts,
to help users get the most from this powerful program.

The DVD begins with Installation on a Mac and PC, setting
preferences, concepts and menus. Once familiar with the program, Morg
then guides the user through their first song and covers the mixer and
the instruments within Reason. From there, the DVD covers sequencing,
effects, editing before tackling advanced concepts like control
voltage, synchronization, advanced MIDI, and using ReWire with other
software hosts. As an added bonus, two special tips and tricks sections
arm power users with the information to take their productions to the
next level.

System Requirements:

This product includes QuickTime 7.x Mac/PC which is required for
video playback. DVD-Rom drive required. Minimum screen resolution 1024
x 768.

  • PC: Windows XP Home or Professional, Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon
    800 MHz or faster, 256 MB RAM. Windows MME or DirectSound Sound Card.
  • MAC: Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or higher, Power Mac G4 867 MHz, 256 MB RAM, Sound Card.

Pricing and Availability:

Reason DVD Tutorial is available now for $45 USD.

More information is available at the ASK Video site.

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