Soviet Synths Sampled

Acid Soviet SynthsSoviet Synths may soon be infiltrating synth sound libraries around the world. has announced the availability of the AKAI version of hard-to-find Vintage Soviet Synthesizer samples: Soviet Synths.

Description: The AKAI Soviet Synths Sample CD-ROM
represents a collection of sounds that have crossed no-man’s land from
the former Soviet Union. Chock full of analog synthesizer samples – fat
bass lines, warm pads, aggressive razor leads, smooth classic
waveforms, space FX, sounds of noises and machines, percussion,
original real time phrases and much more…Thanks to unique
architecture and powerful resonant filters, Soviet-made synthesizers
have inimitable color in their sound; you get a lot of cool stuff for
creating killer patches!

“Okay, okay, okay already – we’ve received hundreds of after hours
phone calls in which we hear nothing but the uncontrollably weepy,
blubbery sounds of our Soviet Synths WAV customers begging for a
mapped, AKAI version. OKAY ALREADY!!” says, Scott C. Peer, President,

This CD disk contains AKAI mapped multisamples, and many variant
program files (no EQ, FX, compression etc.) Infinity was used to create
seamless looped samples on the AKAI. Some sets contain repeated notes,
but with various filter cutoff parameters. Long individual samples with
realtime opened and closed filters, LFO, cross-modulation and others
types of sounds are also available. The disk contains the sounds of
such famous Soviet synthesizers as the Aelita, Polivoks, Altair-231,
Faemi-1M, Alisa-1387, Maestro, Ritm-2 and others. The sounds of some
drum machines, such as Lell PSR, Rockton, Elsita, are also included.

“Soviet Synths” is available now at and has an MSRP
of only $99.99. Owners of the WAV CDROM that would like to upgrade to
the AKAI version get a credit of $19.99 – if they are a licensed user
of the WAV version.

More information, demos, and online ordering can be found at the Sound Engine site.

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