No Island Media Announces New Music Online Video Programs

It looks like No Island Media, who previously announced a documentary on synth pioneer Dave Smith, have big plans for music video downloads.

No Island has announced the launch of two new music technology series: The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone, a 24-episode series centred on guitar innovation, and; Sample, a 24-episode series focusing on applied music technology.

Select episodes of each series will be available,
free-of-charge, for download and stream, via 30 video aggregators
throughout the world wide web. DVD compilations and extended-download
versions of each episode will be available for purchase at Google Video
Store, and select online music retailers.

The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone
will be shot at NXNE, Canada’s largest music festival, in June 2006.
Episode talent and manufacturer partners will be announced as releases
and pre-production is finalized through May 2006. Programming will be
available late June 2006.

Sample is slated to begin production in July and August of 2006, for a September 06 release date.

The Search for the Perfect Guitar Tone and Sample
mark a few significant changes in the way music and media work
together,” says Trevor Andrews, Executive Director of No Island.
“First, these are series about applied musicianship, not lifestyle.
Second, this programming provides a platform for emerging musicians to
introduce themselves to fellow musicians and music enthusiasts based on
innovation and ideas, rather than through a media that focuses on
manipulated posturing. Third, most musicians, regardless of
professional stature or ambition, are intelligent, introspective,
disciplined individuals. They deserve a media representation of
themselves that captures that core aspect of their being. Forth, the
musical culture thrives when ideas and experimentation at not things to
be feared. Fifth, we have structured this programming in a way that is
progressive and inclusive, i.e., for Season One participants, No Island
provides a profit-share structure for all participating manufacturers,
artists and filmmakers so everyone is ensured a fair share of the
production, and everyone feels comfortable in sharing in the creation
of the production. ”

Besides broadband fare, No
Island will launch No Island Mobile sometime during third quarter. The
24-hour ‘network’ will feature original content specifically geared for
wireless devices, derived from the production company’s interaction
with emerging and established musical innovators and leading music

“Music is a very applied art”,
says Dina Walker, No Island’s Executive Producer. “Musical intelligence
is a fact. It is more than finger exercises, tech specs and theory. It
is a force that wants to grow and evolve. The best musicians are
continually seeking new sources of inspiration, whether from
established artists, manufacturers or peers. The No Island Mobile Music
Channel is being set up to respect those basic truths and extend the
interaction between all innovators in music community.”

According to Lars Sunderflyrr,
senior executive vp for strategy and development at No Island Media,
much of the content in season one will be geared around specific
applications of technology, and profiles of the innovators who define
music technology. Starting in Q4, No Island’s weekly music content
slate will consist of video clips, ranging from 30-second to
four-minute segments, including a wide range of subjects from
percussion to recording technology to in-depth tutorials.

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