Waldorf Synthesizer Returning?

WoldorfIt looks like there may be some life in Waldorf yet.

Waldorf’s synth designs are well respected, but the company has struggled financially. A message at the Waldorf site should give Waldorf fans hope:

Is it? What is true about the recent rumors regarding this legendary Synthesizer company?

Here are the facts… Yes, something is happening in this little
village. The intellectual properties behind Waldorf synthesizers and
the Waldorf brand name were bought by Waldorf SL, a company founded by
Joachim Flor and Kurt “Lu” Wangard. The new Waldorf Music GmbH is
currently being founded, together with Stefan Stenzel, Frank Schneider,
Michael von Garnier, and Wilfried Eckl.

So who are these guys?

Joachim Flor had the initial idea of forming the new Waldorf GmbH.
Joachim has accompanied Waldorf from the very beginning, and as sales
representative, contributed considerably to the success of Waldorf
products. Kurt “Lu” Wangard steered Waldorf through long periods of ups
and downs as Office Manager, and he is determined to lead the new shiny
battleship into a brilliant future. Stefan Stenzel, formerly Director
of Research and Development of Waldorf, is responsible for future
innovative Waldorf technologies, together with Frank Schneider,
co-founder of Waldorf Electronics and former Production Manager. They
both supported the starving Waldorf community through the dark ages,
which are now history, and are committed to working on new exciting
projects for the freshly ventured Waldorf Music.

Michael von Garnier and Wilfried Eckl are contributing their
overwhelming experience and knowledge of distribution and marketing,
forming the ideal complement to the ambitious team with high-flying

Curious? Perfect!

The new Waldorf Team

Maybe they could hire a better translator – but they probably have to sell a few synths first!

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