Death By Audio Octave Clang Pedal

Death by Audio Effect PedalDeath By Audio has released the Octave Clang, a fullwave-rectified, octave up pedal that ranges “from sweet octavia to abrasive sonic hell”.

The Octave Clang’s signal is run first through a density filter,
followed by an amplifier with gain ranging from 1-100. Next, the signal
is sent through a circuit that fullwave rectifies the signal slightly
asymmetrically for an extremely complex octavia sound. This pedal can
get really loud, really nasty, yet maintains a beautifully rich
harmonic texture.

Sound manipulation is made easy by controls for density filter,
gain, and master volume. Cranking up the gain and pre-filter induces
extreme fuzz and signal perversion. Every chord is an explosion and every note a seething buzz saw cutting through the mix, according to Death by Audio.

On the other end of the spectrum is the Clang. Turning down the gain
yields a more organic, analog sound. Strumming chords generates droning
ring modulation sounds while single notes resonate a singing octavia

All Death by Audio pedals are hand built in Brooklyn, NY using
premium components to ensure maximum durability and optimum sound.

More information is available at the Death By Audio site.

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