Mackie Control Emulator Released

WiseMix has released MCmu, a Mackie Control Emulator for Windows.

WiseMix MCmu lets any MIDI controller emulate Mackie Control
Universal (a.k.a. MCU). MCmu lets users choose themselves which MCU
commands to use, and how to map them to their own controller, quickly
and easily, thanks to its click ‘n’ learn visual interface. MCU command
names can be edited to fit with any particular DAW. Incoming MIDI
messages that were not mapped to an MCU command can be forwarded to an
auxiliary MIDI port to be used as “raw” remote controls. This
versatility makes MCmu most useful even for control surfaces with an
MCU/Cubase compatibility mode already.

An on-screen virtual LCD window is also available, and MCmu offers
native LCD display and added functionality (“Hack”) for Yamaha 01x
users. WiseMix is already working on upcoming hacks for the ReMOTE
series and the BCR/BCF2000, and plans to add more.

MCmu 1.0 is available from WiseMix’s website for free evaluation. A
permanent license costs 39 Euro, and gives unlimited access to e-mail
support, 1.xx updates, template files exchange and community forums.

More information is available at the WiseMix site.

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