Livelab Updates LiveSlice

Livelab has released version 1.4 of LiveSlice, a beat slicing app. The update features an improved look and feel, undo, keyboard shortcuts and more.

New features:

  • Customizable colors
  • Multi level undo
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Cut / copy / paste of events
  • Sync playback to host (drum machine mode)
  • Locate slice feature
  • Now supports 32 bit IEEE float wave files
  • Numerical display of parameter values while editing
  • Playback of individual slices from all tracks in an arrangement
  • Improved scanning for missing files, and posibility to browse for missing files
  • Support for “All notes off” midi controller (#123)
  • Workaround for ACID 6 bug (use manual sync mode)

The update is a free upgrade.

More information is available at the Livelab site.

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