MOTM Intros Frac-Sized Modules

MOTM Frac-RackSynthesis Technologies, a modular synth manufacturer, has announced the availability of their MOTM synth modules in Frac-rack format.

The modules are available exclusively via Analogue Haven.

The MOTM series of analog synthesizer modules is considered by many to be the benchmark for audio quality, stable operation and craftsmanship. The new “1xxx” family shrinks the physical size of MOTM modules about 50%, without sacrificing sound or reliability.

The MOTM-1000 Series comes fully assembled and calibrated. Small and lightweight, these modules can be the basis of your studio or used as an expansion to your existing setup.

Analogue Haven’s site currently lists these modules:

  • MOTM-1190 Dual VCA
  • MOTM-1485 GX-1 Diode Filter
  • MOTM-1490 Moog Ladder VCF
  • MOTM-1800 Looping ADSR EG

MOTM plans to release many other Frac-format modules in 2006, including the MOTM-1650 4-channel MIDI-CV converter ($469), the MOTM-1510 WaveWarper ($299), the MOTM-1475 Diode Bandpass VCF ($249), and the MOTM-1300 UltraVCO ($299)


  • Industry-standard ‘Frac Rack’ format, compatible with Blacet and PAIA cases, power supplies and modules and Wiard modules – amongst others.
  • Module size is 5.24″ x 2.98″ (133mm x 75.7mm)
  • +15V/-15V operation using 4-pin MTA-156 connector
  • Surface-mount technology using high-grade components
  • 1yr warranty

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