Artificial Ear Violoncello

Artificial Ear has announced the release of Los Angeles Film Session: Violoncello, the second ReFill sample library in their Los Angeles Film Session series, designed exclusively for use in the NN-XT sampler in Reason 2.0 and higher by Propellerhead Software.

LAFS: Violoncello is a high-quality, cello sample library which has been broken down into single articulations, or similar techniques, and packaged into individual Reason ReFills. Cello articulations already available at the Artificial Ear Online Store include: sustained notes (with vibrato), portato, detache, staccato, and pizzicato, with additional ReFills, covering further articulations and techniques, to follow.

Each LAFS: Violoncello ReFill can be purchased and used independently of the other ReFill packages in the collection. Users can start with a single LAFS ReFill, to fill in holes in an existing library, or several LAFS ReFills, using the collection as a complete, stand-alone library. This allows Reason sample enthusiasts an extraordinary level of customization in building the library they want, based on their individual needs down to the articulation level, in an extremely cost effective manner.

Artificial Ear is currently offering LAFS: Violoncello via direct online download to customers with high-speed internet connections. Simply pick the individual ReFills you need, purchase the license with a credit card, and download the ReFills immediately. No shipping charges. No import duties. No waiting.

The Los Angeles Film Session: Violoncello ReFill Collection and mp3 demos are available at the Artificial Ear. Individual, downloadable LAFS: Violoncello ReFills start at US$2.99.

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