Griffin Intros Free Mac OS X Scripting Tool

Griffin Technology has announced official 1.0 release status of Proxi, shortcut software for OS X, described as LEGOS for Your Mac.

Proxi is software that allows you to “teach” OS X to perform assigned tasks. Using Proxi’s graphical interface, anyone can perform complicated scripting tasks quickly and easily by connecting pre-built “blocks” called Triggers and Tasks. Using Proxi is like programming your Mac using Lego blocks.

Proxi can be used to control other software, or even hardware, including Griffin devices. You can configure devices, define custom hot keys, monitor Mail, iChat, and RSS feeds, execute repeating tasks… and much, much more. And the best part is Proxi is so easy to use.

What makes Proxi so powerful is the concept of Triggers and Tasks. A Trigger is a built-in component that you connect to a pre-built Task. A Task is a Proxi component that performs an action when triggered. Just connect pre-built Triggers and Tasks together to automate your Mac in ways you never thought would be within your grasp without a degree in programming (or lots of Jolt Cola).

To get you started, Proxi comes with a library of useful Triggers and Tasks you can combine into Proxi Blueprints for controlling devices including Griffin’s AirClick, PowerMate, and others. You will find ready-made tools for…

  • AppleScript
  • Monitoring folders and performing Folder Actions
  • Triggering Hotkeys
  • Monitoring and controlling iChat
  • Monitoring and controlling iTunes
  • Monitoring Mail
  • Monitoring RSS feeds
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring Skype Internet telephony
  • Performing speech recognition
  • Growl Notification
  • Keypresses
  • Launching applications
  • Loading the Clipboard
  • Opening files
  • Opening URLs
  • Controlling the PowerMate light
  • Displaying screen messages
  • Scrolling
  • Playing Sounds
  • Speaking messages
  • Storing values
  • Writing to files

Proxi Community

Griffin’s website is a gateway to the community of Proxi users. Useful sets of combined Triggers and Tasks can be saved as Proxi Blueprints. A Blueprint is a complete set of instructions for your computer to perform an assigned task. Proxi makes it easy to share Blueprints: just send them to a friend as you would any other file.

Within the Proxi online community, you can browse tutorials, share new Blueprints, Tasks and Triggers, get support and tips on the Proxi Support Wiki, and talk to other Proxi users in the message boards. Proxi even features a built-in Blueprint Browser that is always being updated with cool, new Blueprints.

Here are a few of the things you will be able to do soon after launching Proxi for the first time:

  • Configure Griffin AirClick remote to control Apple’s Front Row.
  • Display artwork and track info for the currently playing song in iTunes
  • Monitor the web site and get custom notifications.
  • Insert Date & Time into any application with a key command.
  • Display information on Logitech’s G15 gaming keyboard.

Proxi is a free download from the Griffin Technology site. start building your own Blueprints today. Submit your BluePrints to the Proxi Support Board. For especially useful or clever Blueprints, Griffin will reward you with cool gear and distribute your submission for all to enjoy via the Blueprint Browser built into Proxi.

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