Kid Nepro Launches New Blog and Podcast

Kid NeproKid Nepro Productions, aka The Patch King, has launched a new blog and podcast.

The Patch King was quoted as saying “Adding these two new features to the Kid Nepro web site will be a great new way for customers to stay in touch with all our latest developments, including new releases, updates, audio demos and a lot more.”

In addition several new features have been added including: “Music Industry and Computer News”, “Classic Rock” and “Midi Tips”.

“Music and Computer News” will include interesting tidbits about what is happening in the world of music and computers. Recording, upcoming events, new products and buzz about all the latest hi-tech gadgets.

“Classic Rock” will talk about what the great rock icons are up to these days and share stories about the classic rock music that was produced during the 60’s and 70’s.

“Midi Tips” will include articles on digital recording, synth programming, mixing, keyboard techniques and lot’s of other informative info.

More information is available at the Kid Nepro site.

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