Ekova – Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore

On Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore, Ekova creates an exciting potpourri of world influences. The music is danceable and melodic, but also explores new territory by recombining the elements of world music into something new.

Ekova makes music at the edge of recognition. Vocalist Dierdre Dubois vocalizes on most of their music using her own made-up language. Though a French group, Dubois is from California, percussionist Arach Khalatbari is Iranian and oud (Arabic lute) and guitar player Mehdi Haddab is Algerian. While you can hear the influences of music of these countries and others, Ekova inhabits a different world.

Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore is a great CD. It’s rare that world music influences, dance music and artistry are blended so well. The musicians play instruments from all over the world along with MPC 2000, synths and electronics. Unlike many groups that take a world music sample and lay down a drum beat and soft-core vocals over it, Ekova is as talented with its various instruments as it is with its technology.

The elements are blended exceptionally well – it’s often impossible to tell what’s acoustic and what’s electronic. The music is very tight, even though it has dramatic tempo and volume shifts. Dubois’ vocals often float above the tight percussive sounds, giving the music even more depth and life.

Ekova stakes out their own territory. Debois’ singing is sometimes reminiscent of Dead Can Dance or the Cocteau Twins. However, those bands usually created dark, droning music. Ekova’s music is upbeat and full of life.

Space Lullabies and Other Fantasmagore is a must-have for fans of world, experimental and dance music.


  • Steel Bird
  • How Sweet Mal
  • Aurora’s Flight
  • Moon Beseeched
  • In the Kitchen
  • Siip Siie
  • Son Sourrit Pale
  • Interlude
  • Chase
  • Soul’s Delight
  • Idem Soit Done
  • Storm
  • Cruel Sister
  • In the Garden


  • Lisa Germano – Violin
  • Chris Bruce – Bass
  • Jamie Muhoberac – Synthesizer
  • Carmen Rizzo – Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Electronics
  • Julien Lourau – Sax (Soprano)
  • Chris Bellman – Mastering
  • Andrew Scheps – Flugelhorn
  • Jean Pierre Smadja – Programming
  • Ekova – Arranger, Producer
  • Dierdre Dubois – Vocals
  • Mehdi Haddab – Oud, Bendir, Toy Guitar, Lotar, Lofta (Electric), Lofta
  • Ken Ploquin – Engineer, Mixing
  • Eugenie Arrowsmith – Radio
  • Pierre Boscheron – Bird Calls

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