Digidesign Redesign

Digidesign has launched a completely redesigned corporate website. The new website features an improved navigation system and media-rich content designed to get you the information you need with a minimum of clicks.

New Features

My Digi

By signing up for a free My Digi account, you can customize some content of Digidesign.com based on preferences you control. Filter press releases to get the latest information on products you’re interested in. Manage subscriptions to newsletters and e-mail blasts. Retrieve your DigiStore order history, giving you direct access to your purchased downloads and serial numbers. Keep track of Digi events, and even register your hardware and software online.

360° Product Views

Want to check out a product from the comfort of your home? Digidesign.com includes new 360° product views so you can get a closer look at every side, angle and connector on a range of Digidesign products including Pro Tools HD interfaces, Pro Tools LE systems and more. Look at the front panel, then spin the product around to get views of the sides and back panel.

ICON Empowered Studios

Digidesign.com now makes it easier than ever to browse through the many ICON Empowered Studios around the world using a custom Flash-built environment. Quickly scan through the many studios in the collection and when you want a closer look, just click and you’ll be zoomed in for more details.

Interactive Console Overviews

Until now, if you wanted to learn about all the functions of a Digidesign console like ICON or VENUE, that meant pouring over a PDF or a trip to your local dealer. Thanks to some amazing Flash programming, Digidesign.com now gives you the power to explore every detail and function of these consoles right on the web! These Interactive Console Overviews break down a console’s functions into distinct sections. By clicking on a section name the high-resolution photo instantly zooms up to reveal the selected section, and relevant product information is displayed.

Other updates

Other updates include an all-new DigiStore and a redesigned Support section that makes troubleshooting problems and finding software updates a snap. You’ll also find a new compatibility section to help you select the right computer for Pro Tools, plus custom media players that deliver streaming video content in high-definition glory.

The updated site supports most popular browsers for PC and Mac, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x (PC only), Mozilla FireFox 1.x, Mozilla 1.x, and Apple Safari 2.x. The latest free Flash plug-in is also required.

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