Swar Systems Announces Updates

Swar Systems has introduced several updates, including:

  • Improved Swar Librarian : BPM control, drag & drop and more
  • SwarShala Pro update : drag & drop sequences to your sequencer
  • Mac Intel compatibility
  • Featured CD : IndiaLucia – when Flamenco meets Indian music

Improved Swar Librarian

  • Drag & drop to sequencer
  • BPM control
  • Nr of beats control
  • Volume control
  • Export parameters (pitch, nr of loops, patch selection type, include/exclude starting header)
  • Improved playback quality on Mac
  • Mac Intel compatibility

SwarShala Pro Update

SwarShala Pro (version 3.0.9) allows you to drag & drop a sequence directly into your sequencer, allowing a perfect integration of SwarShala with your SwarPlug/SwarTrax-enabled sequencer. The program generates a corresponding MIDI file on the fly.

You can also tailor the exported MIDI files with the same parameters as the Librarian.

Mac Intel compatibility

Both SwarShala and Swar Librarian have been compiled as Universal Binaries and run natively on both Intel and PowerPC (PPC) computers.

The SwarPlug plugin is still a PPC program. It will run on Intel if called by a PPC-only sequencer, through the in-built emulator Rosetta. Swar plans to release a ported version of it within a couple of months.

Featured CD : IndiaLucia

The culmination of a five year collaboration and exploration of common ground and possible common roots between Flamenco and Indian music, this recording represents easily the most successful fusion of the two musical cultures to date. The main instruments are Flamenco guitar and sitar, tabla and cajon. Both the rhythmically driving and the slower more mournful pieces sound “native” to both musical cultures, and underscore the tremendous affinities that exist between the two.

More information is available at the Swar Systems site.

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