Universal Releases Neve Plug-Ins

Universal Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality vintage audio hardware and DSP software plug-ins for digital audio workstations, has released v 4.3 software for the UAD-1 DSP Card & Powered Plug-Ins system.

Version 4.3 includes a 14-day fully functional demo of the Neve 1073 and 1073SE. Full authorizations of the Neve 103/SE plug-ins are be available to registered UAD-1 customers for US$249 (includes both plugs).

“The Neve 1073 is the first result of the UA-Neve plug-in collaboration exclusively for the UAD platform.” said Matt Ward, President of Universal Audio. “We have developed two versions: the 1073 for absolute sonic accuracy to the revered original and the 1073SE – a DSP-optimized version for higher instance counts. The icing on the cake is that UA will also release plug-in versions of the 33609 bus compressor and 1081 EQ, offering a full suite of UA-Neve Classic Console EQ & dynamics processing.”

Key Features include:

  • Exclusively Neve licensed and meticulously UA modeled
  • Revered 3-band ‘Wessex A88/8014’ EQ
  • High Shelving, Parametric Mid, Low Shelving & HPF
  • Original RAF Cosmetics and concentric controls
  • Includes DSP-optimized version (1073SE) for more instances

About the UAD-1 (PCI) & UAD-1e (PCIe) DSP Cards

At the heart of each UAD DSP Card & Powered Plug-Ins bundle is the same UAD DSP technology. Because of its high resolution, floating-point processing, ultra high-speed memory and hardware dithering, the UAD-1 delivers outstanding high-headroom sound quality at sample rates from 32 to 192kHz. Unlike other DSP cards, the UAD-1 uses a single, unpartitioned vector processor, allowing for larger and more sophisticated plug-in algorithms. These algorithms offer a new level of power and complexity not found with host-based plug-ins. By reducing the burden on the computer’s CPU, the host DAW application can deliver more tracks, automation and native effects or instruments.

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