Paul & Price – Sounds Like Sex 2

Paul and Price Sounds Like Sex 2Paul & Price are back with Sounds Like Sex 2, a sequel to Sounds Like Sex, one of CD Baby’s top CDs to have sex to. We’re not sure what that means, other than that maybe CD Baby customers like to have sex to mid-tempo house tracks.

Guest vocalists include Angela McCluskey on I Adore You, Toddy Ivy on Little White Roses and Darling. Darling is the standout vocal track, with great downtempo beat and string arrangements, and strong vocals. Other interesting tracks include Unspoken, a sexy slice of accordian house music and Slight of Hand, a chilled out downtempo groove.

Throughout the CD, electronic sounds and effects are used with subtlety, with the most prominent synth work being a vaguely Emerson-esque solo on Darling. The arrangements are very tasteful, with smooth guitar and keyboard work and great string arrangements.

As sexy electronica goes, Sounds Like Sex 2 falls into the safe sex category. There’s nothing too challenging here, but, if the jazzy house tracks provide the perfect soundtrack for lovers, who cares?

You can preview the CD at the Red Cola site.


  • I Adore You w. Angela McCluskey
  • Little White Roses w. Toddy Ivy
  • Darling w. Toddy Ivy
  • Unspoken
  • Spanish Fly
  • Bright Skies
  • Slight Of Hand
  • Get On Steppe
  • Guitars and Cigars
  • Summer Serenade

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