EarBoost Intros New Ear Training Software

EarBoost has introduced new ear training software for amateur and professional musicians. EarBoost is designed to help musicians improve their ability by training their ear to be more musical. EarBoost includes a unique graphical scoring system to measure a musicians improvement over time.

ear boost

EarBoost includes the ability to train to recognize melodic and harmonic intervals. A variety of chord and scale recognition exercises are supported also. The level of ability can be set to Beginner, Intermediate or Expert to help tailor EarBoost to the musician’s specific needs. EarBoost has an easy to use interface, designed for musicians not computer experts.

With continued use of ear training software a musician will notice a definite increase in ability which will help in many areas of musicianship. Prolonged use will improve improvisation, notation of music and playing by ear. EarBoost’s scoring system makes it easy to see overall progress in a visual chart format pinpointing any weak areas that still need improvement.

Product Requirements

Windows 98 or higher, Sound card, 800×600 resolution or higher.

More information and a demo download are available at the EarBoost site.

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