A Kiss Could Be Deadly – Pink Noise

A kiss could be deadlyThe Pink Noise Sessions, an EP from punk/electropop band A Kiss Could Be Deadly, reworks the eighties sounds of bands like Berlin but throws in punk and even goth elements to create something new.

The group, made up of Lauren Baird – Vocals, Chris Qualls – Synthesizers, Programming, Tim Floyd – Guitar, Kelly Cairns – Bass and Danny DeLeon – Drums, combines the energy of punk with the beats and hooks of early dance electronica.

The EP is short, but good, featuring five well-produced tracks. Baird’s strong vocals match compete with the drum machine/synth hooks for your attention. Highlights of the EP include the eighties-tastic The Exit, and the more dance-techno X Version 1.9.

Check the group’s MySpace page to preview their tracks, find out more about their EP and upcoming performances.

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