Mackie C4 Commander MIDI Controller Software Now Available Free Online

Mackie has announced that the C4 Commander virtual MIDI and hardware control software is now available as a free download.

Mackie C4 Commander software brings the world of the Mackie Control C4 rotary control surface to your Mac or PC-allowing you to control vintage MIDI hardware from the convenience of your mix position. Over 180 of the most popular MIDI hardware devices come preloaded into C4 Commander, while custom layouts are easily constructed using an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface.

C4 Commander becomes even more powerful when combined with the Mackie Control C4 plug-in and virtual instrument controller. Together, C4 Commander software and Mackie Control C4, provide users with ultimate control of both MIDI hardware as well as plug-ins and virtual instruments for Reason 3, Logic Pro 7, Logic Express 7, Sonar 4 and Tracktion 2.

The Mackie Control C4 plug-in and virtual instrument controller is available from any authorized Mackie dealer.

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