sE Intros Ghost Acoustics Absorbers

Ghost Acoustics acoustical panelsE Electronics has announced a new acoustic treatment product range, Ghost Acoustics.

The Ghost range will feature 5 products in a choice of 2 colours, Charcoal Grey, and Light Grey. The central building block for the range is a 2’x2’ absorber built around a steel inner frame. The construction is layers of highly compressed glass fibre (100Kg per cubic Metre), with layers of Aluminium foil which help ‘break up’ lower frequency wave forms. These layers are covered with a fully fire retardant fabric and the whole structure is bound with a brushed Aluminium frame, which both allows diffusion and looks cool.

The products are all fully fire retardant, unlike the many foam based solutions on the market. Another huge advantage over foam products is that the GHOST absorbers will work much more efficiently to absorb low frequency information as well as HF.

The mounting system is also novel to this type of product, but incredibly simple. Each ‘absorber’ ships with a metal frame which screws onto the wall. This frame has a series of mounting-heads onto which the product can be easily hung.

Each 2’x2’ ‘absorber’ has two tubes running through it which allow the product to be mounted quickly and easily on a solid steel base with Steel Rod attachments to form ‘Gobo’s’ for recording guitar cabs, drums or vocals. Each stand can stack up to three 2’x2’ traps, and they are designed so horizontal, angled walls can be built also. So, when tracking, you can remover the panels from your studio walls to use as Gobo’s or to form a full height vocal booth. The same panels can then be re-mounted in seconds for mixing in a properly treated room.

In addition to the standard 2’x2’ product, GHOST are releasing a 2’x2’ Wedge for side wall absorption/diffusion, a 2’ x 4’ flat panel for wall mounting behind the main monitors, the Gobo steel base and rod set, and a corner bass trap.

Main Features:

  • Fully fire retardant
  • Full range absorption
  • Easy to mount
  • Portable
  • Multiple applications (Wall treatment/Gobo/Vocal Booth/Instrument separation etc)
  • High build quality – brushed Aluminium finish
  • Attractive

A full room kit including corner bass traps, Gobo panels, wedges, flat panels and the Gobo base will retail at under €2000 Euros.

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