Virtuasonic Intros Synesthesia, Impulse Responses for Experimental Sound Design

SynesthesiaMusic software and soundware vendor Virtuasonic has released Synesthesia, an unusual collection of more than 1,000 impulse response files. Synesthesia transforms nearly any standard convolution reverb program into a general-purpose spectral processor.

Convolution reverbs are well-established as an easy and powerful way for musicians and sound designers to add realistic emulations of acoustic spaces to their work. However many musician do not realize that convolution has more possibilities than mere reverb emulation and is well suited for all sorts of creative sound design.

Though this collection is targeted primarily at electronic, ambient and abstract music, Synesthesia can easily become a secret weapon for every musician and sound designer looking for new possibilities of transforming and spicing up his music and sounds.

Synesthesia is an unique collection of impulse response files, to be used in nearly any modern convolution engine, designed to:

  • Create abstract layers for film music
  • Spice up rhythm lines with wild beat-synced effects
  • Distort and mangle sound beyond all imagination
  • Create textures for ambient music
  • Add flavours to trance, techno, jungle, club and other styles of rhythmic electronic music
  • Morph foley fx into new unrecognizable sounds for sound design
  • Create huge sonic effects
  • Morph vocals into complex textures to obtain dramatic effects

All impulse responses are 24-bit / 44.1KHz stereo WAV format for over 630MB of data.

Synesthesia is priced US $34.95 and is available both in CD-ROM format and as a downloadable product.

More information is available at the Virtuasonic site.

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