VirSyn  Updates Cube Additive Synth

virSyn CubeVirSyn had released CUBE 2.1, which brings what they describe as the Daddy of all additive synths to Intel based Macs and to ProTools users with the RTAS interface. The new version also comes with an improved spectral analysis algorithm for more natural resynthesized sounds.


  • RTAS plugin for Protools 7.x / Digidesign for all platforms including MacIntel.
  • Universal Binaries for MacIntel platform compatibility.
  • VST 2.4 compatibility.
  • The spectral analyzer uses now improved algorithms for much better analysis of harmonic and inharmonic sound files.
  • The standalone version (WinXP) allows the selection of multiple MIDI devices.


  • Logic 7.1 stereo version working again.
  • MIDI channels 10 and 14 now correctly shown in setup page.
  • Occasional clicks when using the built in keyboard removed.

A demo version is available at the VirSyn site.

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