CEntrance Upgrades Universal Driver for MIDI and GSIF 2 Compatibility

CEntrance has released an upgrade to its Universal Driver for FireWire audio interfaces. The Windows audio software lets users combine FireWire audio interfaces from various manufacturers into one, feature-rich audio system. Version 2.0 of the product features high stability and ultra-low latency of just over 5mS, analog input to analog output.

The major upgrade adds new hardware devices to the list of supported products and enhances performance by adding MIDI and GSIF 2 to the existing ASIO2 and WDM compatibility. GSIF 2 is Tascam’s latest hardware driver compatibility specification for audio interfaces. GSIF 2 is an update of GSIF that adds both kernel level MIDI and audio input into GigaStudio.

The Universal Driver (UD) now supports devices from Apogee, Behringer, Echo, Focusrite, ESI, Mackie, Miglia, M-Audio, Presonus, and Tapco. CEntrance plans to add support for products by TASCAM, Alesis, Phonic and many others in the near future. Check the company’s website for an up-to-date list of compatibility.

CEntrance also announced that its new product, the Ideal Driver (ID) will have the same compatibility and features as the UD, but will feature single-device capability and will be sold for half the price of UD.

The main thrust behind the new driver is giving users a robust alternative to a typical OEM driver, featuring highest stability, lowest latency and other professional features.

“The goal of the Universal Driver project was to make a high-quality driver to end all drivers,” said Michael Goodman, Managing Director of CEntrance. “Customers are very enthusiastic about this product. We constantly get positive feedback along with requests to support more devices. Our engineers are actively involved in making this a truly Universal Driver, with the aim of supporting as many devices as we can. The addition of GSIF and MIDI will make the Universal Driver a solid choice for audio professionals who need reliable, low-latency audio recording under Windows.”

The Universal Driver is available for sale now at $79.95 US from the CEntrance website. The Ideal Driver will be priced at $39.95 when it ships.

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