Galbanum Announces Collection of Waveforms for Native Instruments Absynth

galbanum architectureArchitecture NI Absynth Waveforms is a collection of over 1,000 meticulously designed wavetables provided in Native Instruments Absynth (GLY) format.

Wavetables are single cycle periodic waveforms that form the most fundamental building block of synthesis. They are the sound generators, and can be thought of as the oscillator of a classic analog synth, but they provide infinitely more variability in shape and spectrum. They are chiefly responsible for determining a given sound’s primary timbre, or “tone color”.

This collection offers a huge variety of waveforms logically organized in categories such as: Additive, AM, Classic, FM, Formants, LoFi, Serial, and UHF. The Architecture NI Absynth Waveforms collection, was developed largely outside Absynth itself using tools that allowed for a new level of detail and precision that was previously impossible.

This product mirrors the wavetable library found on Architecture Volume One, Galbanum’s vast resource library for U&I Software’s Metasynth. Architecture NI Absynth Waveforms is part of our “Future Synthesis Technology” family. Please download the Reference Manual PDF for additional details.

Key users include Sound-Designers, Producers, Scoring Professionals, artists, multi-media developers, and all synthesis/sound-design enthusiasts who are looking to expand their sonic pallet into new territories.

Most analog and retro synths use three or four waveshapes as a starting point for synthesis: Sine, Saw, Square, etc. Combined with a good filter these can give a decent starting point for designing many classic sounds. There are many sounds and timbres however that can be better created by using different shapes to begin with, and there are many other new shapes/sounds, that are simply impossible to create with other methods. These can include natural instruments, complex FM sounds, AM Sounds, and a vast assortment of edgy digital sounds that are well suited for modern, future-forward music styles including various forms of electronic music and motion picture work. Many of the included shapes were tediously made with tools outside of Absynth to achieve diversity and detail impossible to achieve otherwise, thus this product is a simple and inexpensive method to quickly and effortlessly expand Absynth’s awesome potential.

More information is available at the Galbanum site.

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