Gear4Music Lets You Build Band Online

Gear4music has launched several new on-line quotation facilities on their web site, allowing PC-based customers to put together a complete line-up of instruments or PA equipment and get a quote.

Similar on-line quotation systems have been used by computer retailers for many years, letting people assemble a custom PC system in virtual form and get a quote on it fast. Gear4music have applied the same principles to the wide range of musical instruments and recording gear they sell.

Provided you’re running a PC and Internet Explorer (other systems are not currently supported), the ‘configurators’ let you specify the main components in the system you’re trying to put together. For example, the PA configurator allows you to select from a wide range of PA speakers at different prices and from different manufacturers, as well as determining whether your speakers are active or passive. You have a similar range of choice when it comes to selecting the mixer, power amps (where appropriate), PA outboard and microphones for your chosen system. As you select the kit of your choice from drop-down menus, the total quotation for your selected system is updated in real time. It works the same way if you wish to specify the instrumentation for a rock band, jazz group or orchestra. Once your desired system is assembled, the entire outfit can be placed in your on-line shopping basket with a single click of your mouse.

“Customers are used to getting on-line quotes for everything else these days- why should it be different for musical instruments, recording and PA gear?” says Gear4music and Red Submarine Managing Director Andrew Wass. “We hope our new configurators will make shopping at the Gear4music web site even faster and easier”.

Configurator for PA systems and rock band:

Jazz band configurator:

Orchestral configurator:

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