Synk Audio Drops Price on Musicbed DV and Season One Bundle

Synk Audio has announced a new lower price on their Musicbed DV interactive music software bundled with Season One, a customizable cinematic stock music library. Together, these two products provide custom music beds for video, audio, and multimedia productions for $199.

Musicbed DV is an easy-to-use music customization application designed for visual media professionals to quickly create custom music beds by adjusting interactive parameters that change the music’s feel to match the mood of a visual project. Use new factory presets for many practical music bed styles or create your own. Underscore visual builds and punctuate edits with the unique ability to key-frame high-level music characteristics such as intensity, foreground presence, and background ambience for a composed-to-picture feel.

MusicBed DV with Season One

Musicbed DV’s style and texture parameters give you music director-like control over professionally composed music beds. Instead of simply adjusting the mix of several audio tracks, Musicbed DV assembles a soundtrack using music packages containing thousands of non-linear tracks for true music customization. Import video, markers, and customize music in real-time while synched to picture. Change pitch and tempo independently. Export stereo, instrumental stems, tempo maps, and surround music at any duration.

Season One is a cinematic stock music resource professionally directed, composed, and produced for use with visual media projects. Encoded for customizability from over 11 GB of royalty free digital audio, Season One contains thousands of theme variations and a limitless number of time-based variations using Musicbed DV’s easy-to-use automation features.

Produced principally by A-List composer Rom Di Prisco (The Sopranos, America’s Next Top Model, MTV Cribs), Season One is distinguished by it’s usefulness in modern cinematic storytelling. Employing orchestral instruments as well as modern elements, every Season One title is directed to complement contemporary plot structure, with music content and themes for a story’s initial setup, progress, final culmination, and every stage and turn in between.

Pricing and Availability:

Musicbed DV and Season One bundle are available at Synk Audio for $199.

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