New Version 3.1 of Melodyne cre8/studio

Version 3.1 of Melodyne cre8/studio is now available for immediate download.

The new version runs native on Macs with Intel processors, supports as an option the iLok dongle and is compatible with the new ‘Melodyne Sound Library’. In addition, numerous requests from customers have been implemented and improvements in all areas carried out. The upgrade to Version 3.1 is free for all registered users of Melodyne cre8/studio 3.x.

Melodyne 3.1 runs as ‘Universal Binary’ now also native on Intel Macs, if desired stand-alone or connected via ReWire, VST, AU and RTAS with a host.

Optionally, and as an alternative to the challenge/response procedure already in use, the new version can use the iLok dongle for authorisation, making the flexible use of Melodyne on different computers and in different studios possible. Customers used to iLok do not have to use another authorisation procedure in parallel. For more on the iLok license, click here.

Melodyne 3.1 inaugurates the new ‘Melodyne Sound Library’. The very high-quality sounds are derived from Ueberschall’s Liquid Instruments, and were specially conceived, recorded and prepared for flexible use with Melodyne technology. For more information on the Melodyne Sound Library, click

Among other new features are the simple management of used audio files, a switchable pitch grid, extended combi tools, a common reset function for all pitch editing, new keyboard commands, a percentage entry for time stretching and a tempo tapping function. In addition, the polyphonic algorithm of the studio version has again been considerably improved.

Melodyne 3.1 also exports tracks notewise now if desired, whereby – where possible – the MIDI Root Key is written automatically into the files created – which is ideal as it allows you to use these quickly in the sampler and without the additional trouble of mapping. In addition, the new version now also reads automatically the tempo information contained in many files (e.g. Apple Loops and Acid files).

For Version 3.1, all known bugs have also been fixed and ReWire stability further improved.

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