Janoush Moldau – Redeemer

Janosch Moldau RedeemerJanosch Moldau recently sent us his latest CD, Redeemer. It’s a very rare example of Christian electronica. With titles like Bleed On, Baptized, My Father & Redeemer, it’s obvious that the music is going to be Christian music. What’s unexpected is the bitcrushed drum sounds, bizarre synth sounds, and original synth orchestration.

On Reloved, Moldau starts with a mellow devotional lyric over a downtempo, almost ambient background. Quirky percussion and drones give the music an edge. About a minute and a half into the track, Moldau drops in jackhammer synth percussion, giving the music an almost industrial dance feel.

Moldau’s skill with electronic orchestration shines on tracks like We Are Laughing, which is full of strange percussive blips and blurps and quirky synth work. Sounds zoom from one speaker to another. This may not sound like the recipe for devotional Christian music, but Moldau pulls it off with style.

Interspersed with the vocal tracks are some very original instrumentals. Redeemer is a short example that features Rhodes-like synth work, more of Moldau’s quirky percussion and synth work, and orchestral electronica backing.

The CD is a classy release, with gorgeous packaging, intelligent songwriting and creative electronic production. Moldau’s Redeemer is the answer to Christian electronica fans’ prayers.

Redeemer is available via Poponaut.de. More information on the release, and streaming samples, are available via JanoschMoldau.com.

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