Livid Octav-4 Controls up to 32 Video Inputs

Livid’s octav-4 is for synchronized and centralized control and management of up to eight Edirol V-4 video mixers. Using the octav-4 software interface, which mimics the hardware interface, you can control up to 32 simultaneous video inputs, and 8 unique outputs.


Taking advantage of the V4’s MIDI implementation, each unit can be quickly setup and controlled by the MIDI messages sent from the octav-4 software. The octav-4 can tie together multiple V4 outputs of differing content into a unified composition, synchronized to a tempo, or individually controlled with your mouse. “Cascading” the controls provide movement of transitions and content among screens with the click of a mouse.

Features include:

  • Control from 1 to 8 Edirol V-4’s for multiple outputs
  • Automatically Cycle Inputs
  • BPM Transitions
  • BPM Fades
  • Saving Presets
  • Easy MIDI Configuration

All you need to use the octav-4 software is a computer, a MIDI controller, and at least one Edirol V-4. The octav-4 gives you the freedom to control and manage multiple outputs from one interface.

The octav-4 was developed and designed by Livid Instruments and OVT Visuals.

More information is available at the Livid site.

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