Otafuku Rex; Mix Them, Mash Them Up

The new band Otafuku Rex has debuted their music video, Do Me, I’m the Best, below and is inviting fans to get in on the action and create their own remixes by “mashing up” the groups video and music, adding in their own music and video, and sending the results to friends.


The single is also available as a free download.

Otafuku Rex is the first musical act from Xowville Music, a new music and digital media company. Xowville Music embodies a unique new approach to music and entertainment, according to Ray Cooper, former co-president of Virgin USA and UK. “We believe today’s most exciting, engaging entertainment opportunities revolve around ‘social media,'” he explains. “Technology and the Internet are providing new ways for artists to connect with their fans. MySpace messages, video mash-ups, podcasts and remixes are an integral part of the bands’ music and visual expression. And fans can participate in all of it.”

“Of course, this requires artists with a particular presence that ignites involvement,” Cooper continues. “In Otafuku Rex, we have our breakout stars for social media – when you see them, you’ll understand.”

Cooper tapped Otafuku Rex as Xowville’s first act based on the band’s music, unique character, and multi-media artistry, as evidenced by their video and online popularity. Blending its seven members’ distinct musical styles and techniques into a hip, appealing “mash pop” aesthetic, Otafuku Rex delivers funky, danceable rock and hip-hop driven by their outrageous personalities. The band has already developed a strong Internet and viral following, including large and growing popularity in the MySpace social network.

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