DUY Intros Magic Spectrum Mastering Tool

DUY has released a new mastering tool: DUY Magic Spectrum.

Available for TDM, RTAS, Audio Units, VST and MAS/MOTU for Mac, DUY Magic Spectrum is a high-quality mastering tool that allows you to modify frequency contents in a flexible and precise manner. Any frequency content of any kind of audio material can be edited.

Magic Spectrum

DUY Magic Spectrum’s practical design includes a range of functions that vary from a very basic spectrum Matching use to a total control over the audio spectrum, with an impressive high resolution and an unprecedented degree of quality.

How does DUY Magic Spectrum work?

The most basic utility that Magic Spectrum provides is the matching of spectrums. For example: take a track you like the sound of, and “play it” to Magic Spectrum. Then, take your track and analyse your sound. Finally, apply the sound character of the song you like to your own song, in whichever amount you like.

If you have no songs to use as a reference, you may also load any of the many included presets, analyzed from some of the best recordings of all time, or from specific-sounding masters.

Magic Spectrum can also be used as an EQ that emphasizes the results, or you can even load 4 different responses and vectorially combine these responses in the way you like, to add “more character” of one sound or more of another…

The “Advanced” mode lets you manipulate the spectrum by providing graphic edition tools that enable you to have direct access to the spectrum of the song itself, with an amazing precision.

DUY Magic Spectrum is shipping now, and ships in 2 different versions:

  • DUY Magic Spectrum: native version for RTAS, AU, VST & MAS is priced at 249 EUR.
  • DUY Magic Spectrum PRO: is the TDM version, priced at 349 EUR.

More information is available at the DUY site.

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