Upright Piano Samples for AKAI

SoundEngine.com has announed the availability of a collection of colorful Upright Pianos for AKAI: “ACD-010 Upright Pianos”.

SoundEngine’s Upright Piano Collection consists of a Hanson Upright- a British upright/overstrung piano with old style action, built in 1908 and a Ladbrooke Upright; this is a c. 1955 with modern action, parallel strung. Velocity Switch, Stereo, and Mono versions are available.

“We visited upright pianos and captured their homey sound. There’s a lot of character, a lot of depth, charateristic tuning issues, but heaps of playability in this unique sample library. Captured on a 20-bit Layla recording system using vintage Cole Ribbon microphone and clip-on Sony mics, the unique approach to recording these pianos captured the years of history residing within the black and whites.” says, Scott C. Peer, President, SoundEngine.com.

SoundEngine’s AKAI “Upright Pianos ” is available now at SoundEngine.com and has an MSRP of only $34.99.

More information is available at the Sound Engine site.

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