NAMM: KeyToSound Shows NexSyn Synthesizer

nexsynAt the 2006 Summer NAMM show, KeyToSound introduced the NexSyn synthesizer.

NexSyn is a virtual instrument for VST, RTAS, and AU hosts. The NexSyn interface can be tailored to fit your programming style. The synth is brand-spanking new – not all features are complete, but it has a reach feature set already and sounds great.

The Oscillators:

Three oscillators modules each capable of holding one of seven different oscillator types in mono or stereo. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that Oscillator modules two and three give access to the 4GB stock sample based library (provided by Big Fish Audio).

The Filters:

Nexsyn gives you three filter sections each capable of holding one of sixteen filter types. The filters can be set to traditional mono or even better, stereo mode. When in stereo mode the cut off points for the left and right side can be modulated with the “spread” parameter, opening the doors to a filter modulation frenzy.

The LFO’s:

Nexsyn can load three Low Frequency Oscillator sections each with five destinations. The LFO’s can be set to Reset (Local), Global, and “Envelope Mode” (Single Shot). The LFO you choose can be one of twelve waveforms, featuring it’s own built in envelope. Some of these LFO waveforms can be tweaked individually and the LFO’s sync to host Midi Clock.

The Envelopes:

The Nexsyn has three envelope sections with six segments: Pre-delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release. In Expert Mode, the slope can be adjusted individually for the Attack, Decay, and the Release. The Envelope tracking includes key and velocity to amplitude and time. The envelopes are triggered by Midi Note on/off or by each other. And yes, they can be re-triggered as well.

The Modulation Matrix :

The Matrix gives you twelve modulation destinations, fed by six sources. The drop down menus make setting up the matrix quick, so your creativity is not hindered.

The Effects:

The Two Effects sections offer eight stereo effects to add character to your sound. Each section has an independent output. Section one has a re-direct output to the other Effect Section.

The Arpeggiator:

The Arpeggiator section is simple and quick to use, but gets as deep as you want to go. The Sixteen step loop duration can control Chord play, Slide, and Stacatto values of your presets and when used with percussive instruments, the Arpeggiator can create complex poly-rhythms and cadences. The limits are set only by your creativity.

The NexSyn can go also go online so you can browse presets made by other sound designers. The NexSyn features XWM technology (disk streaming) to handle samples. System Requirements: Mac OS 10.3.9.

KeyToSound hasn’t released NexSyn yet, but they did release a free synth based on some of the technology, Remedy, at NAMM.

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