Pro Tools HD 7.2 Software Now Available

Pro Tools 7.2Digidesign is now shipping Pro Tools HD 7.2 software. With a dramatically enhanced feature set—including comprehensive automation, extended video capabilities, new workflows with multi-channel field recorders, built-in dubber/stem recorder functionality and the new SignalTools DigiRack metering plug-in—Pro Tools HD 7.2 is an important upgrade for Pro Tools|HD system or ICON integrated consoles.

New mixing and automation enhancements include VCA-style groups, pan grouping, plug-in parameter linking, flexible new automation modes and additional new functionality for ICON users, such as VCA fader spill, two-knob surround panning and much more.

Extended digital video functionality includes the ability to cut video along with audio and create multiple video tracks and playlists within a single session. For fast review and approval, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software allows users to bounce video and audio to a QuickTime movie. Most common QuickTime resolutions – including H.264 – can now be played back through Avid Mojo or AVoption|V10.

With support for multi-channel disk-based field recorders, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software introduces a unique new workflow that dramatically simplifies the process of switching to alternate channel source audio in a post session. And with its new “DestructivePunch” recording mode, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software transforms any Pro Tools|HD system into a full-fledged dubber/stem recorder.

In addition, Pro Tools HD 7.2 software includes the new SignalTools suite of multi-channel metering plug-ins and a number of usability enhancements, including contextual menus and enhanced fade editing and manipulation.

For a limited time, you can get a free upgrade to Pro Tools HD 7.2 software when you purchase the MassivePack 5 or MassivePack Pro 5 plug-in bundle. With one of the best plug-in selections to date, MassivePack 5 gives you 12 plug-ins from top Digidesign Development Partners™ and a choice of 5 additional plug-ins from Bomb Factory, Digidesign, and Trillium Lane Labs at unbelievable savings! MassivePack Pro 5 adds a Pro Tools|HD Accel card for PCI or PCIe to this must-have plug-in selection at even more incredible savings. To get your free Pro Tools HD 7.2 software license, just purchase MassivePack or MassivePack Pro before September 15, 2006.

If you purchased and registered a new Pro Tools|HD system, Pro Tools|HD hardware exchange or Pro Tools HD software upgrade on or after July 1st, 2006, you are eligible for a free Pro Tools HD 7.2 upgrade. Digidesign Customer Service will be contacting you by email with instructions on how to obtain your free upgrade. If you have not yet registered your recent purchase, please contact Digidesign Customer Service.

More information is available at the Digidesign site.

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