Virtual Music Composer Writes Music So You Don’t Have To

LvB’s X has introduced LvB’s X 2.0 – Virtual Music Composer, “music motive/phrase maker” software, an application that promises to compose music so you don’t have to.

The software works as a composer instead of a tool for composing. Users can create the basic part of a song by developing the motive which allows a key shift in the phrase. In other words, the program will bring the inspiration to the user. The software is available in three versions: Basic (free), Standard and Professional, for Windows OS.

Virtual Music Composer

LvB’s X simplifies creation by providing a simple graphical interface to be used by those with no prior knowledge or understanding of how to make music with a computer. Essentially, LvB’s X is designed to obtain a well-balanced relationship between musical regularities and irregularities. Every note of every instrument, except the drums, has its own sample – there is no musical predetermination as loop-based samples.

Pricing & Availability

The Basic version of LvB’s X is free and available immediately as a download at The Standard version ($99.95, shipping included) is available for download with software and printed user manual sent to customers via mail. The Professional version ($249.95) offers a special program for educational professionals ($49.95).

System Requirements

LvB’s X requires a Windows (XP, 2000, 2003) based OS, sound capability, at least 99MB/690MB of free disk space for Basic/Professional version installation and minimal graphics resolution of 1024 x 860 pixels.

More information and a demo are available at the LVBSX site.

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