Izotope Licenses OzoneMP to MixMeister

OzoneMPiZotope has announced that MixMeister Technology of Seattle, WA has licensed a special edition of OzoneMP to be included in MixMeister’s new DJ software, MixMeister Fusion.

OzoneMP adds warmth, bass, and sparkle by modeling the analog characteristics of vintage audio equipment such as tube amplifiers and valve equalizers. The intuitive graphical interface allows users to fully customize the sound quickly and easily, making it ideal for DJs and electronic artists.

MixMeister Fusion throws away the traditional dual-deck metaphor in favor of a much more powerful approach, where an entire DJ set can be constructed on-screen. With a workflow similar to digital audio workstations or video production software, Fusion lets you blend full-length songs on a timeline and reorder or remix them, while keeping everything in perfect sync at all times. By automating most beat mixing tasks entirely, DJs can be free to experiment more creatively with their music.

MixMeister Fusion costs $329.95 and runs on Windows XP. Users can download a free trial copy.

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