Miglia Announces Price Drop on HarmonyAudio Audio Interface

Miglia Technology, a leading manufacturer of digital media products, today announced a price drop for HarmonyAudio, available from Miglia’s distribution partners, refurb or online store, for a recommended retail price of £99 inc, €149 inc and $149.

Harmony Audio

Eric Ferraz, Director of Product Management, Miglia Technology, commented: “HarmonyAudio lets you record your real instrument or take audio from any analogue audio source straight into GarageBand, LogicAudio, LogicExpress, and any other Core Audio application. With the great new price all those budding musicians already have a head start!”

The two analogue line-ins and eight analogue line-outs let you play your instrument straight through HarmonyAudio and out of your SRS 2.1 up to 7.1 system. The fully plug-and-play HarmonyAudio requires no software driver installation and works straight out of the box with your guitar, bass, keyboard and microphone!

HarmonyAudio includes Miglia’s exclusive SoftClip technology, which prevents digital clipping and retains the authenticity of the analogue audio stream.

More information is available at the Migila site.

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