Sonic Head Releases Sound Library In 5/4 Time

audio loopsSonic Head has released the futuristic 4++ Increment sampling CD/CD-ROM. All loops in this library are in 5/4 time.

4++ Increment includes 40 construction kits including breakbeats, various styles of drum patterns, bass, keyboards, and effects covering a range of styles (Hiphop / RnB / House / 2step / Trance / Electronica / Rock / Pop / Ethnic / Bosanova / Ambient / Drum’n’Bass / Jazz).

The folder name for each of the construction kits gives information on both the original tempo (all between 58-170bpm) and key. This library is comprised of both an audio CD and an Acidised WAV CD-ROM.


  • Audio CD and Acidised WAV CD-ROM 2-CD set
  • 67 US$ (7800 JPY)
  • International shipping is available when you order at

More information is available at the Sonic Head site.

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