Thievery Corporation – The Cosmic Game

This CD sat in limbo for a long time, because the review copy “features” intrusive copy-protection. The first thing it tries to do when you listen to it on a computer is pop up a window and try to install something. It’s too bad, because the The Cosmic Game captures Thievery Corporation doing what they do best – delivering trippy downtempo grooves.

The Cosmic Game is a fine album that builds on their recent Mirror Consipiracy. Guest vocalist Perry Farrel, Wayne Coyne and David Byrne and others add a human touch to the laid-back grooves. Dub-style audio manipulation abounds on the CD, adding to the spacey feeling.

Thievery Corporation steals grooves from around the world, including Jamaica on Amerimacka and Brazil on Pela Janela. Tracks like Warning Shots pull you in immediately, but the more subtle tracks provide a lot of interest for repeat listenings. Ambicion Eterna, with its latin vibe and Doors of Perception, with it’s tabla and sitar, take you on a trip, in all senses of the word.

The Cosmic Game is a very strong album of downtempo grooves, inspired by a world of influences.

  • Marching the Hate Machines (Into the Sun) featuring the Flaming Lips
  • Warning Shots featuring Sleepy Wonder and Gunjan
  • The Revolution Solution featuring Perry Farrell
  • The Cosmic Gate
  • Satyam Shivam Sundaram featuring Gunjan
  • Amerimacka featuring Notch
  • Ambicion Eterna (Eternal Ambition) featuring Verny Varela
  • Pela Janela (Through the Window) featuring Gigi Rezende
  • Sol Tapado featuring Patrick de Santos ListenMusic
  • The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter featuring David Byrne
  • Holographic Universe
  • Doors of Perception featuring Gunjan
  • Wires and Watchtowers featuring Sista Pat
  • The Supreme Illusion featuring Gunjan
  • The Time We Lost Out Way featuring Loulou
  • A Gentle Dissolve

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