RealTraps: Acoustic Treatment Can Be Sexy

sexy acoustic treatment

Looks aren’t everything, but who wants to have an ugly studio? RealTraps has announced three new acoustic panels that are designed to anyone who considers appearance as important as acoustic performance. Besides the new panels, RealTraps also announced that it is now including mounting hardware with all of its acoustic products.

“The appearance of acoustic treatment has always been an obstacle to their acceptance in home settings and even some high-end recording studios,” according to RealTraps co-owner Ethan Winer. “These new panels are very attractive, yet still offer the extremely high performance RealTraps has become famous for.”

The new models are as follows:

The new Corner MondoTrap is similar to a standard MondoTrap at four inches deep but with beveled sides to nest attractively in a corner and appear only one inch deep. All other dimensions and properties are the same as a standard MondoTrap, the most capable bass trap available at any price. Price is $349.99.

The RealTraps Tri-Corner is a triangle shaped bass trap, also four inches thick, that fits perfectly in tri-corners where two walls meet the ceiling or floor. Like the Corner MondoTrap, the new Tri-Corner appears only one inch thick when installed, to intrude visually as little as possible while still retaining very high performance. At 32 inches on each side, it has a surface area large enough to tame even very low bass frequencies. Price is $249.99.

The new RFZ panel is meant specifically for first reflections, but at 32 by 42 inches by 2 inches thick, its size and shape are more appropriate than typical 2 by 4 foot panels. The larger size creates a deeper Reflection Free Zone, whether the panel is mounted to be taller or wider. The front surface is also beveled to look more like a picture frame more than an acoustic panel. Price is $249.99.

All three new products are available in various colors, and they can be seen in the new Room Setup video on the company’s web site.

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  1. What part of the above image of a bland room with over priced black cloth covering fiberglass insulation is “sexy”?!

    Certainly not the acoustic treatments- UGLY is more like it. Perhaps it is the system dab smack in the middle of the exit to the stairs, is this the sexy part?

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