RJM Music Technology Intros The Loop Gizmo Pedal Looper

Loop GizmoRJM Music Technology has introduced the Loop Gizmo.

The Loop Gizmo is the first true bypass pedal looper to incorporate function switching. This allows users to simultaneously switch their amplifier channels and pedal effects with a tap of a single button – without the need for MIDI or a complex switching system.

The Loop Gizmo provides all the benefits of a true bypass pedal looper. It moves all of the effect switching to a central place on the pedalboard. The Loop Gizmo’s footswitches are used in place of the pedals’ built-in switches, saving wear and tear on those pedals. There are sonic benefits as well: pedals that are not in use are completely bypassed, preserving signal quality.

Where the Loop Gizmo goes beyond other loopers is the addition of Channel Select and Function switches. These switches can take the place of an amplifier’s footswitch, eliminating the need to “tap dance” between the amp footswitch and effects pedals. The Channel Select switch also selects one of two pedal loops to be active, providing simultaneous switching of both amplifier channel and effects. The Loop Gizmo’s footswitching feature is compatible with most amplifiers that have one or two button footswitches.

Loop Gizmo Features:

  • Four pedal loops (two Global Loops, two Channel Loops), each with send and receive jacks, bypass footswitch and indicator LED
  • Global Loops are on regardless of the selected amp channel. The bypass switches for these loops turn the effects in each loop on and off
  • One Channel Loop is only on when amp channel 1 is active, the other is only on when amp channel 2 is active. Each Channel Loop also has a bypass switch that disables the loop regardless of the selected channel
  • Loop Order selector switch selects whether Channel Loops are first, second or third in the signal path
  • Channel Select and Function switches act as an amp’s footswitch
  • Tuner switch sends the guitar signal to the Tuner Out jack and mutes the output for silent tuning
  • Extremely rugged 0.90″ anodized aluminum case

More information is available at the RJM Music site.

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