Spies Under Von Magnet Influence – Shape Your Shade

spies under von magnet influenceShape Your Shade is an unusual but interesting EP from Spies Under Von Magnet Influence. The music is written by Holeg and Von Magnet and arranged, mixed and produced by Spies.

The music draws on a variety of influences, ranging from ambient to classical Indian to flamenco. The highlight of the EP is the 8:32 track Fire of Illusions. The cut layers ambient effects, flamenco guitar, Indian percussion and exotic vocals. The result is a sort of updated exotica.

The next two tracks on the EP, The Passenger and A Cosmic Operator, are ambient/space music cuts that explore elongated sounds that range from drones to industrial noises.

The final track, Nostalghian’shape starts with subtle ambient effects and spoken samples, but moves on to echoing, almost dub effects, combined with programmed drums and sequenced synths. The track moves from an ambient feel to a downtempo groove and back, but keeps your attention for its 8:21 length.

More information is available at the Cinetiks label site.


  • Fire of Illusions
  • The Passenger
  • A Cosmic Operator
  • Nostalgian’shape

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