Audio Impressions String Sample Library

NAMM 2006 Update: Audio Impressions’ showed its Concert Series DVZ Strings library, consisting of 60 string players which can be selected on or off at any time, even within the body of a piece. Every possible articulation and playing style necessary to achieve the full array of sounds that each instrument is capable of producing is available without loading or unloading.

AI’s DVZ (digital voice zones) process makes it possible to orchestrate sampled instruments by automatically dividing and assigning the notes played on the keyboard into their proper instrument sections in real-time.

DVZ can divide strings, brass, woodwinds or any other sections of like or non-like instruments and voices. For instance, chords could be divided so that the top note could be a trumpet, the middle a sax and the bottom a trombone. DVZ processing is unlimited and the number of divisions increases proportionately with the number of instruments being played.

This allows entire-section slurs and runs to sound realistic, creating true orchestral balances like those found in the “real” world. The precise number of instruments to be chosen or changed and can automatically generate MIDI parts for accurate score printing.

Other AI technologies include keyboard hysteresis, which measures the key velocity speed and volume over time and adjusts envelopes and time delays accordingly and DVZ processing for guitars determines the correct notes and voicing that would be capable of being played on a guitar for that range and tempo.

Articulations Include:

Legato, Crescendo/Decrescendo (with volume and timbre change), Staccato, Pizzicato, Bartók (Snap) Pizzicato, Col Legno, Tremolando, Measured Tremolando (quarter note, eighth note, eighth note triplets, sixteenth notes), Harmonics, Ricochet, Martellato, Flautando, Glissando, Portamento, Clusters (continuously variable), Marcato, Vibrato/non-vibrato (continuously variable), Spiccato, Jete, Trills (user definable intervals). (Con Sordino, Sul Tasto, Sul Ponticello optional with all articulations/effects.)

AI plans to release its other Concert Series DVZ libraries featuring over 125 real-time instruments from a selectable palette of over 1,000 instruments including Baroque and Ethnic, big band, percussion, drum, acoustic and electric keyboard and guitar collections.

More information is available at the Audio Impressions site.

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