Livid Intros Octav-4 Video Mixer

NAMM Update: Livid Instruments, a video performance software and hardware company, introduced Octav-4, software that lets you control up to eight of the popular Edirol v-4 video mixers for synchronized and centralized control. Octav-4 opens the door for multi-screen control by linking multiple v-4 video mixers, with up to thirty-two video inputs and eight unique video outputs.

Livid Octav-4

“The octav-4 allows an easy way to create presets for basically anything the V-4 can do, and control up to eight V-4’s setting all at once” says Brian Dressel of OVT Visuals, who worked with Livid in the creation of the software. “My favorite feature of the octav-4 application is the ability to cycle multiple inputs, creating a chase effect across multiple screens at the same time. The software interface gives me complete control over all the inputs and outputs.”

The Octav-4 takes advantage of the V-4’s MIDI integration, allowing you to easily and quickly configure, connect, and control multiple V-4s. With one interface to control all of the V-4’s at the same time, Livid brings affordable synchronized multi-screen control right to your fingertips. The software features one step MIDI setup, cascading controls, automated input and transition cycling, BPM transitions, effects selection, and preset saving. Ocatav-4 is available for both Mac and Windows and can be purchased directly from the Livid Instruments website for $129.

More information is available at the Livid site.

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