Vocomotion Intros Cheap Throat Microphone

Throat microphone

Vocomotion has announced the release of The Thumper TH70, the latest update in The Thumper series of throat microphones designed for vocal percussionists, beatboxers, and bass singers.

Like previous Thumpers, this new model is designed to pickup throat sounds at the source, optimizing the bass response by filtering everything but deep, thumpy frequencies, using Vocomotion’s active filtering technology.

“I’ve known for a long time that the price of the Thumper mics was too high for the average vocal percussionist,” said Freddie Feldman, creator of The Thumper. “I’ve streamlined the manufacturing process and redesigned the collar completely, bringing the costs down significantly. Now performers at all levels will be able to enjoy the improved bass response that The Thumper offers.”

The TH70 features a new water-proof collar assembly, new removable mic strap, and a reduced retail price. The new Thumper TH70 throat microphone is available from Vocomotion with a retail price of $250 (USD).

More information is available at the Thumper site.

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