Raistalla – Raistalla

Raistalla, the self-titled debut CD from “electro-funk, soul punk” artist Raistalla.

Raistalla previously worked as a professional dancer, working with Madonna, Outkast, Missy Elliot and others. More recently, she’s been making music and touring to promote it. She’s had #1 singles in both Europe and Canada, and her CD brings together these singles with a set of tracks that range in style from electro to modern soul to disco and house.

The CD is split into three main sections. According to Raistalla, “Act I, takes you through a dance party of funky high-energy tracks; Act II, transitions into a smooth alternative edge depicting reality; and the Epilogue closes with a climactic anthem of the day’s lesson.” Listening to the CD, the Acts aren’t jarringly different – it seems like Raistalla is just grouping together songs that are stylistically similar.

Raistalla is full of hooks, retro dance sounds and imaginative production work Highlights of the CD include the singles Long Way, Tonight, Pressure & Feel Good. Raistalla bounces easily from style to style. On Pressure, Raistalla reimagines the classic dance grooves of Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones as if they were produced by Daft Punk. On Feel Good and Attention, she revisits 80’s electro funk sounds, and on Tonight she explores more of a hypnotic house/trance groove.

You can preview the tracks at Raistalla’s site.


  • Long Way
  • Tonight
  • Pressure
  • Miami Sugar
  • Feel Good
  • Attention
  • Clownin’ Out
  • Good Work
  • Fallin’ and Crashin’
  • Krazy
  • Speed Racer

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