One of the Finest Modular Synthesizers in the World is Being Sold

Larry Hendry's modular synthesizerOne of the finest modular synthesizers ever assembled is being sold.

Larry Hendry’s giant Synthesis Technologies MOTM modular synthesizer is being sold by his estate. Hendry, one of the gurus of modern modular synths, died last year in a tragic motorcycle accident.

The synth is primarily made up of MOTM modules, considered by many to be some of the finest modular synthesizer modules ever created. Hendry also was very instrumental in the renaissance of the modular synth industry, and many of the components in his synth reflect his innovations.

The estate is asking $14,500 for the synthesizer, which is a conservative price, giving the number of modules, the craftsmanship and the synth’s unique nature.

Details are available at the Hendry family site.

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