Jimmy James – Jamestown

Jimmy James’ Jamestown is an oddity in already odd world of dance electronica.

James, according to his site, is an actor, singer, songwriter, recording artist, cabaret performer and dance music diva. He’s also an impressionist that does Cher, Madonna, Elvis, both Sonny & Cher, Liza Minneli, both Nat King and Natalie Cole, Boy George and Mae West. James has previously released a double album of Cher covers, recording as Dark Lady. James has a lot of talents, and doesn’t shy of blurring gender lines.

Unfortunately, Jamestown doesn’t deliver an the promise of James’ many talents. The music is relatively bland old school disco. Also, James, who is a pro at bringing other artist’s images to life, doesn’t create much of an impression as himself.

Lyrics like “Oooooohhh you look delicious, like a lollipop and candy kisses; Everybody here is making wishes that they get the chance to dance with you,” would have been at home on Madonna’s first CD. Here, though, they feel like an anachronism, without irony.

The CD is frustrating, because James’ has an interesting voice. But hes’s no “dance music diva”, and the tracks on Jamestown come and go without leaving much of an impression. With better material and stronger production, James could make more of an impression.


  • Fashionista
  • Famous
  • Old School Disco
  • Summer Sun
  • Top Of Love
  • Be Bobo Body
  • Desire (Mr. Seedy)
  • Jealousy
  • Kissing A Fraud
  • Keep It Moving
  • Digital Lover
  • Ego
  • Love Has The Power

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