Minimoog Voyager Bass Audio Library

Minimoog, an online sample library store, has announced The Minimoog Voyager bass library.

According to the company, the library has been recorded from a Minimoog Voyager v3.01 and offers the best of Minimoog basses from the original soundbank.


  • Each sound is recorded for six seconds or more
  • 4 levels of velocity for exactly the same as heard from the original
  • Mixed with a true analog Mackie LM-3204 mixer and an EMU card in 44.1Khz, 16 bits

Each patch is 30MB. 3.8 GB of data, PC/MAC compatible.

List of the presets:

  • 2 Poles Bass
  • Anne Boleyn Bass
  • Basso Fabulo
  • Birdy Bass
  • Bomb-Basstick
  • Boogie Bass
  • Citadel Bass
  • Dr Who Bass
  • Get the Funk
  • Good Old Faithful
  • Grits and Eggs Bass
  • Just the Sub
  • Katy Moog Bass
  • Moogpeow C
  • Nige Classic Bass
  • Owwww Bass
  • Pedal Power
  • Thumping e-Bass
  • Velocity Growl
  • Walk Away
  • Yowsa Bass

This DVD ROM contains AKAI (.akp), PULSAR (.p), HALION, KONTAKT, Reaktor (map), GIGASTUDIO 2 (.gig), EXS24.

Everything is compressed on a single DVDROM, PC/MAC compatible.

More information is available at the Gigfiles site.

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